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10 Books That Will Change Your Life

Reading Is My Secret Weapon

I never enjoyed reading until I realized that it's a secret weapon.

In life, we will struggle. It's inevitable! We will find ourselves lost and confused. We will not know where to turn or what to do about something. And I can assure you, whatever it is you are struggling with, somewhere out there, a book is waiting to give you just what you need to get through.

Way cheaper than a therapist and much more reliable than the advice you might get from your BFF, books enlighten you with the information you need to be better. To feel better! They help you discover the solution to your problems.

The key is to find a book that interests you, so find a book that is super relevant to your life. Struggling with anxiety? Read about it. Feel like you could use some help in the area of discipline? Read about it! And (this one is important), if you start reading a book and you don't get at least the slightest bit hooked within the first few chapters, stop reading it. Go find a different book.

Plain and simple, reading will change your life. It changed mine and that's why I want to share some of my favorite books (and links to amazon to purchase, which you should definitely do today). Just 10 though, because like I's my secret weapon. I can't give away all my secrets.

Happy reading!

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