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16 Best Healthy Appetizers

One way to gain more control over your food decisions at social events is to bring your own healthy appetizer. Try some of these simple and delicious options next time you're invited to a party and want to make a healthy contribution!

1. Bacon-wrapped Dates with Goat Cheese by Pinch of Yum (my all time favorite)

2. Guacamole Deviled Eggs by Skinny Taste

3. Roasted Cauliflower by The Paleo Mama

4. Crispy Smashed Potatoes by The Real Food Dietitians

5. Crispy Baked Buffalo Wings by The Real Food Dietitians

6. Bacon Wrapped Asparagus by Wholesome Yum

7. Roasted Beet and Garlic Hummus by Taste of Home

8. Ginger Pork Lettuce Wraps by Taste of Home

9. Smoked Salmon & Cucumber by A Couple Cooks

10. Loaded Zucchini Skins by Delish

11. Toasted Almonds with Chili and Lime by Cooked and Loved

12. Smashed Plantain Pulled Pork Sliders by Real Simple Good

13. Baked Blooming Onion by Wicked Spatula

14. Avocado Fries by Sweet Nicks

15. Chorizo Stuffed Mushrooms by The Real Food Dietitians

16. BLT Party Platter Bites by Paleo Newbie

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