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How Do Your Eating Habits Affect Your Mood?

Most people associate healthy eating with weight loss. Thinking, "If I eat better, I will lose weight". This is true but healthy eating affects you in so many other ways. Your mood being a major one! What you choose to eat will impact your mood. This short article will give some insight into how nutrition affects the brain and the relationship between your body and mood.

Relationship between Food and Mood

Food and mood have a loop relationship. The food you eat will influence your mood and your mood may also influence the type of food you choose to consume.

There are many reasons why nutrition is important for your body's physical and mental wellness. Your gut is directly affected by your food choices. The gut is commonly called our second brain. This is because the type of neurons and neurotransmitters present in the gut are the same as in the central nervous system. The gut is responsible for the 95% production of the body's serotonin–the mood stabilizer chemical messenger.

Now, think about every single food you eat traveling down your digestive tract to your gut. Are you eating foods that are supporting the production of serotonin or damaging the production of serotonin?

For your mood's sake, try eating gut-healthy foods; this will stimulate the production of serotonin. Gut-healthy foods include vegetables, fruits, potatoes, and healthy fats such as nuts or extra virgin olive oil.

The gut is central to your health and eating in a way that supports the health of your gut is vital for weight loss, better mood, greater levels of energy, and a disease-free future.

Researchers are now linking neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease to poor gut health.

For more help with improving the health of your gut and your mood, schedule a compatibility call with me!

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