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Don't snack...but if you do, snack on this.

Eat meals, not snacks

Generally, I am not a fan of snacking.

I encourage my clients to eat meals, not snacks. And I encourage you to do the same.

Your health, habits, and hormones will be better if you embrace this way of living. Conventional snack foods are not only highly processed and low in nutrients, but they're incredibly easy to over-eat. Snacking is also notoriously impulsive (this is backed by the latest habit research). So when helping individuals to become their healthiest, most disciplined self, i discourage it.

However, there are of course some exceptions to the rule! There will be times where you decide you want or need a snack. For those times, here are some options I enjoy and recommend:

1) Superfood Trail Mix by Tastes Lovely

2) Homemade Roasted Nuts by Chef Erins Kitchen

3) Soft-boiled Eggs by Budget Bytes

5) RX Bars by RX Bar

6) Cold Cut Lettuce Wraps by Fed and Fit

7) Epic Bars by Epic

8) Egg Muffins by Healthy Seasonal Recipes

9) Celery and Almond Butter by Meal Garden

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