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Healthy Egg-Free Breakfast Options

Eggs are great but let's be honest, sometimes starting your day with eggs can get a-little repetitive.

When it comes to the first meal of the day, I encourage my clients to branch out and think of all the possibilities there are. Breakfast doesn't have to include the standard breakfast-style foods. You can eat anything for breakfast!

Here are some of my favorite egg-free breakfast meals:

1) Chicken & Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowl by Fed & Fit

2) Sweet Potato Toast by The Real Food Dietitians

3) Collard Green Wraps by The Castaway Kitchen

4) Chicken & Apple Sausage Sweet Potato Hash by The Real Food Dietitians

5) Butternut Breakfast Meatballs by Real Simple Good

6) Bacon Turkey Burger by Paleo Gluten Free

7) Bacon-Wrapped Sausage With Apples by Paleo Leap

8) Caramelized Pork Hash with Brussels Sprouts and Sweet Potatoes by I Heart Umami

9) Egg-Free Breakfast Bowl by Danielle Walkers

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